Sor River

The Sor river is a short coastal river of the Iberian Peninsula, located in Galicia, Spain. His birth comes from two rivers, one is born in the township of Freixo in As Pontes de García Rodríguez and the other in the mountain near the village of Muras, in the municipality of the same name mountains, the two come together in Ambosores, where the Sor is only one, to its mouth in O Barqueiro.

It belongs to the Cantabrian watershed , makes the boundary between the provinces of La Coruña and Lugo, and after 49 km flows into the Cantabrian Sea, in the estuary of O Barqueiro. Runs through the municipalities of As Pontes de García Rodríguez and Mañón in the province of La Coruna and Muras, Ourol and Vicedo in Lugo.

Lookout and Recreational Area “Augas Caídas”

Recreational Area located on a river and forest surroundings near the Sor river. With breathtaking views from the lookout to the natural waterfall, called Augas Caídas and the rough and steep landscape that surrounds it.

Highlights the beautiful landscape that forms the river Sor to fit through a vertical side that contrasts with the soft environment of the Sierra Faladoira.
Unforgettable views in a recreational area equipped with tables, benches, barbecues, …, in perfect harmony with the natural area. Possibility of fishing and fishing shelter.

It is located two kilometers from our hotel.

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Recreational Area Ponte Segade

Recreational area located in a forest surroundings near the Sor River in a natural area of unique ecological characteristics, dense vegetation of pine, eucalyptus, oak and “Ameneiros” providing shelter to the visitor.

Possibility of fishing (trout, sea trout); It is in a fishing preserve in the river Sor. With the presence of old water mills rectangular, cachotería walls and wooden structure that supports the slate roof. Traditional components, restored and adapted to shelter fishermen. Well equipped, in perfect harmony with the natural environment. Must as point of contact with nature.

It is located about 8km from the albergue.

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